Suggestions to improve the school!

Dear Prefects,

Kindly suggest ways in which we can improve the school. Whether if it’s our school’s environment,during morning assembly, in the classrooms…basically anything!

Once you have thought about it, simply leave a comment!

I’m looking forward to read your suggestions! πŸ™‚



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23 responses to “Suggestions to improve the school!

  1. Kelly Chew

    Dear Teachers,

    I hope that in the future holidays, you would spend some time putting some personal lockers for either the upper primary or for everyone. In my own view, we have to take many of books to school every day as well as carrying a heavy bag. If we put our books under the table, any students can take it any time they want. The lock being used can be types of locks that needs passwords in order to open the locker. So the passwords can be changed when there is a change of class. If you are worried about pupils forgetting their passwords, you can request them to write down their passwords on a paper then teachers will collect it. Then teachers can either print or key in the passwords into the computer then save it. If you choose to print it, you have to keep it safely, not letting other pupils know.

    Kelly Chew 5A

  2. Rachel Tan

    We can beautify the dustbins in our school. We can beautify the dustbins with designs and paints. It would look nicer, and pupils would like to throw their rubbish in to the beautified dustbins. I think it will make our school’s environment better.

  3. Leon Tan Li Yang

    We can make the field into half so next year the P6 pupil is having PSLE th pupil could play badminton at the field.

  4. Ifa Syafiqah

    I hope that in the future, there will be more CCA and the primary 1 and 2 pupils can choose their own CCA. I also think that instead of bringing our own books, there will be books for pupils outside the library to read during the morning assembly. The pupils who take the books to read must write down their names and the title of the books that they are reading and they must also cancel their names after they finish reading the books so that we know who took the books which are missing.

  5. Joleen Poh 3B

    I hope to have a vending machine that sells packet drinks in the canteen.Students can purchase drinks from the vending machine after their CCA or remedial because the drinks stall would be close by then.This will also benefit teachers and students who go back to school during the school holidays.
    Thank you!

    Joleen Poh 3B

  6. Danish Tan 4C

    How i wish the hall Have air-cons…. πŸ™‚

  7. Balqis

    i hope we have a air con in our classrooms.(^^^)

  8. we can make a playground in the in doors sport hall so recess time, the primary 1 can play the playground.

  9. i wish the classroom have air con

  10. Durratun Nafisah

    How i wish that we have a greater library so that other pupils can go in there at the same time and have more books there so that we can learn more. As the prefect need more attention as we are the leader of the school. In the library we need more tables and chairs so that everyone can study or read books there.


  11. Jessie Lim

    I wish that there are posters of how to keep the canteen clean and green. So that pupils can help to play a part in keeping the canteen clean.

    [PS just some around the canteen , don’t kill too much trees!!!]

    Warmest regards,
    Jessie Lim 3A

  12. Kaletta kelley

    We need to place positive phrases all around our schools and any facility for children. If we let children know they are special and that they can do and be anything they choose, we would have a more peaceful atmosphere. We have got to put an end to bullying and all the violence in our schools. If we will reach out to those who are quiet and withdrawn and pay closer attention to any cruel behavior in school, there will be less negative things happening.

    • Hi Kaletta kelley,

      I think that is a great idea! The positive phrases can also serve as a reminder to all our children, reminding them the positive behaviours that they should possess. Thank you so much for the superb idea, we will take note of that. πŸ™‚

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